What is a funeral cover?

It is a plan that a person takes out with an insurance company in case of an unfortunate event like death occurs. The policy is created to settle all funeral service fees for only a small premium per month. It is a financial plan to take care of all the money-related bills when organizing the funeral of a loved one. When a person has not covered the closest relatives, like the mother and father, would have to settle all the funeral costs out of their pocket. With the rising costs of planning a funeral, people cannot afford to give loved ones proper burials.

What should things be arranged for funerals?

  • Coffin or cremation
  • Burial ground
  • Flowers
  • Transportation
  • Place of ceremony
  • Ceremony leader place of gathering afterwards
  • Catering and snacks or foot
  • Trauma counseling (some funeral policies even settle counseling fees)

All these things will be covered when you have the right funeral cover for you and your loved ones.

How many people can I put on one funeral plan?

As a family, your wife and children will be covered, but you can add up to eight extended relatives if you need to. Each will be placed on your plan at an additional rate, but you will not have to worry about them going without some financial protection to settle the funeral bills. You will be looking out for them and yourself as well because maybe you are the closest relative and have to pay their funeral costs in any unfortunate event.

Want to know more about funeral services:

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